Thursday, December 15, 2022

Busy Business

I don't believe I've ever posted about work on this blog. It won't happen often. I like to keep this as a personal blog, not work-related. But in case you didn't know, I am a Registered Dietitian.

I have a lot of nutrition ventures happening right now. I am very excited about it all and thought I'd share. If you choose to engage, that would be awesome.

There are two main reasons that I would even post about this and why I'm so excited. One is that these businesses would allow me to be a stay-at-home mom while still making an income and being a Dietitian. Two professions I love. I'm always wanted to stay home with my kids but did not know how that would look. It seems this may be an answer. The other reason is because I do truly want people to live healthy lives, and I have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to help people do just that.

I believe word of mouth goes a long way, so even if you do not need the services right now, please keep it in mind and share as you see fit.

My newest adventure is an Etsy shop called NutritionRx. I am selling recipe books! These books won't break the bank, and you will not have seen these recipes before, I guarantee it. If you want to give your palette something to talk about or need a unique gift, this is for you. Each recipe is geared to increase nutrient intake, tips and tricks included, a comprehensive nutrition facts label, and beautiful photos. Several books are out, including breakfast, lunch, or dinner with five ingredients or less and prepared in 20 minutes or less; holiday entrees, sides, appetizers, and desserts - individually or a 4-in-1 book; one for your muffin tin, not just baked goods but savory recipes for a meal or snack, too; a book packed with just salads; and a 3 week meal plan filled with recipes, shopping list, prep guide, and more. The plan is to make more books, so keep coming back to the shop! Be sure to scroll down to "more from this shop" from this link.

I have an online consulting business called Nutrition Prescription LLC. If you can take the out-of-pocket expense and need general nutrition advice, this is the option for you. I provide many different programs, such as no added sugar and mediterranean, while also offering nutrition consults on any topic you desire with many different schedules, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. All of this is virtual unless you are in my Georgia area and would like the kitchen makeover or a grocery store tour.

Lastly, I have an online nutrition consulting job through Dietitians on Demand. They are a nationwide, reputable company that connects dietitians to facilities in need and has now expanded for individuals to be connected to a dietitian, too. If your insurance allows nutrition counseling and/or you need specific nutrition counseling (like diabetes, renal, or cardiovascular), this is the option for you. There are several packages at different price points to choose from and you will not be pressured for a larger than needed package, I guarantee it. Be sure to ask your insurance about covering Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).

Talking with a non-fad diet, research-driven, lifestyle changes mentality Dietitian is extremely beneficial and can be as easy as two visits or as involved as over the course of a year. It depends on your needs, desires, and goals.

Don't fall for gimmicks, fads, pills, uncomfortable clothes, or anyone who doesn't have an RD credential behind their name.

The last thing I'll share to testify of potential benefits with Dietitian-lead nutrition services is a short story of a patient I worked with:

After working with a client for 8 months on diabetic management, she met her goals of lowering her A1c, getting off diabetic medications, and losing weight. We met for four sessions weekly then six sessions every other week and the remaining sessions monthly. This patient was able to lower her A1c from an 8% to a consistent 5% during our time together -- it was checked three times and was always at 5% after starting our sessions! The patient adhered to my guidance of making lifestyle changes and kept every appointment. She was taken off diabetic meds and loved everyone noticing her better-looking body after a little weight loss. From our sessions and her hard work between sessions, she not only met her goals but also had all questions answered, increased her energy, grew her knowledge of proper portion sizes, and gained a better understanding of how many carb choices to have per meal and snack, and more. She gratefully shared the steps of her success to all who asked!

Screenshot of Etsy shop


  1. I can't even tell you how much I love this! It's wonderful that you are doing all you can to help people live healthier lives.